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INDIAN CREATIVE DANCE TROUPE,an eminent group devoted to the development and promotion of Art & Culture of India has attended a greater reputation over the years. It claims to be one of the Institutions working on creative and contemporary style of dance which includes the authentic dance style of Uday Shankar. The troupe’s repertoire consists of a variety of stage presentation including ballets.

It is a group of few young people who love to live in the world of fine arts, music and dancing, creativity being their joy of life. The stage presentations of the troupe are NOT CLASSICAL but have all the dignity, discipline and grandeur of rich culture heritage of India.

Most of the group members have had their basic training in dance from renowned dance personalities like SMT AMALA SHANKAR, GURU P. RAGHAVAN, SMT SUSMITA MISHRA AND GURU MURALIDHAR MAJHI.

The performing troupe presented a number of dance performances for packed audiences in prestigious auditoriums all over the country at the same time the troupe have also toured internationally. The troupe members had participation in the different programs in Television also.The tremendous success of troupe is because of our belief in PUNCTUALITY, PERSONALITY AND PROFESSIONALITY.

The troupe aims to create a universal language through dance, providing a common platform where the people of the world irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and age can meet. To build an everlasting friendship, blending of thoughts in the field of art and culture is basic necessity.

Our Presentation / Choreographies are in Creative & Contemporary style and very much patriotic, presentable and entertaining with every discipline,dignity and grandeur of Uday Shankar Style of Dance.


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