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The dance philosophy of Uday Shankar was evident in Debabrata's choreography. The choreographer had paid ample attention of details and the dacers' involvement & perfection were noteworthy.

"Amar Bharat" (immortal india) a ballet was an attempt at honouring the life and ideals of Swami Vivekananda which was probably the first instance in the long history of Indian modern dance. It was Uday Shankar Style which influenced the dances is not to be wordered at since Debabrata Banerjee, who directed the dances learnt his art under Amala Shankar.

The variety dances in "Nrityanjali" choreographed in creative style were specially appreciated by the audience and invited a loud roar of applause.

Ballet "Nrityanjali" and "Amar Bharat" were presented by the dancers of Indian Creative Dance Troupe enthralled the audience. On this occasion Swami Umanandaji and Swami Nikhilatmanandaji of Ramkrishna Mission expressed their views.

Debabrata will definitely be able to place himself amongst the dancers working with Uday Shankar style very recently.

Modern dance techniques were thoroughly enjoyed by the audience who sat spellbound throughout..................sponteneity of artistic expressions and above all superb teamwork deserves special commendations.


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