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Production Name Style Description Duration
Variety Dance Ballet Comprised of Vedic Hymns, Folk Dances, Dances on Patriotic Songs and Thematic & Message giving items 60 min/ 90 min
A short ballet. Its an attempt to explore the golden period (i.e.Swadeshi Era) & also to pay tribute to the undaunted leaders of the Indian Struggle Movement against British rulers 25 min (approx)
Tagore’s Dance Drama (Bhanusingher Padabali)   45 min
Flowers from Four Medows A creative dance choreography based on the works of four German poets – J.W.V.Goethe, Brecht, Stefan George, Sarah Kirsch 60 min
Amrita- Dhani (call for eternal joy and bliss) Programme based on Tagore’s work influenced with 'Upanishad' 60 min
Amar Bharat
( immortal India )
A creative dance choreography based on the life and ideals of Swami Vivekananda (in Hindi) 60 min
Folk Dances of India Different colourful folk dances of different states of India 60 min

Our Presentation / Choreographies are very much patriotic, presentable and entertaining with every discipline and grandeur of Uday Shankar Style of Dance.


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